Analytics Intelligence: The Impact for GAIQs and Certified Partners


Google just announced a slew of new features for Google Analytics.

There are a number of features here that should be useful for more refined data mining and ultimately generating more conversions. For instance, I can already picture how Advanced Table Filtering would improve the resolution of the picture for an e-commerce company. There are also some subscription-based and user-based sites I’ve worked on in the past where Multiple Custom Variables would’ve come in tremendously handy, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to dig in with them on upcoming projects.

But the feature that puts the Google engineering I suspected would one day come (and will probably continue to be enhanced, including in other product lines) into Google Analytics is Analytics Intelligence. No more poring over trend lines to find singularities. Google will now find them for you and alert you to their presence.

So does this mean that Google has robbed people with Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) and their Certified Partners of a livelihood? Of course not. No more than it means that improvements to the algorithm or results interface mean that SEOs are out of a job. In fact, it means we get to stop spending as much time on mining and get to start spending more time on meaning. As in, what caused that singularity? E.g., “Why did the Bounce Rate jump?” rather than “Oo! the Bounce Rate jumped! Right there! I see it!” Ultimately, this means more interesting work for analysts and more value for customers.

Refinements to algorithms really just make the process of analysis more efficient. When the search algorithm changes, SEOs interested in R&D test the changes and refine best practices, allowing sites not optimized for relevance to meet Google halfway. Similarly, analysts get to move their workflow downstream and into the deeper pools.

For instance, now, using either Custom Alerts or Automatic Alerts, I’m likely to be able to jump straight into the right table and likely use Advanced Table Filtering for a given profile instead of having to review dozens of profiles scanning to find points of interest or singularities.

The next iteration of this process might result in Google making elementary recommendations, possibly about funnels, goals, and conversions. The greatest singularity of all will be when Google has refined their search algorithm and their predictive analytics to the point where SEO and analytics truly hold no value. But because that concept so closely resembles infinity, it’s a long way off. Until then, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Please contact us if you’ve got a lot of work that needs doing to help you get found.