2d explainer animation video price

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Have you ever considered creating or buying educational animation for your business? Animations are actually engaging and entertaining. With the power of visuals, they’re such a great improvement to your course design that brings real value to learners. Nevertheless, the question is actually: how much does a 2D animation cost per minute? In case you search and google around, you will find many options, ranging from thirty dollars to $300,000!

Thirty dollar animation from a freelancer

And it might be a lot lower than that. Simply check out Fiverr, you can find some freelancers that are actually prepared to do the job for just $5 10 per one minute of animation. It’s shockingly affordable since a professional studio would charge you a minimum of 200 times more that. Nevertheless, what can you expect from five dollars work? Slobby stick figure? Slideshow kind of animations with dozens of pictures moving around?

In reality, you will be shocked that they can provide you an animated video with characters and full detailed background, just love this.

So what’s the secret behind the thirty dollars animation?

The price is actually charged for the illustration and animation part only. Which means you will have to work on the voice over as well as the script. Then you’ve to do it yourself, hire another freelancer or perhaps pay them for an extra job. Nevertheless, I believe it will be better to write the script on your own. You’re the person who understands the course of yours the most, then you will know what’s the very best match for the pupils of yours. Furthermore, it does not love you’re pitching the script to any movie producers, just write the way you want in whatever style you like. So long as you stick carefully to the learning objectives, you will be good.

Software used for making 2d animation videos

The freelancers are most likely to make use of a cloud-based animation software. The software program would only charge a bit for an access to a large library of animation assets. Everything from character design to background layout and movement has been pre-designed already. What you have to do is usually to think of a brilliant idea then drag-and-drop to progress the story of yours. It’s very easy it makes a five dollars animation reasonable. Nevertheless, that price is actually charged for a very basic animation. If you’d like more, like special effects or perhaps music, then you will have to pay much more.

The largest drawback of thirty dollar animation is it limits the choices of yours. Suppose you’re producing videos for a healthcare training program. If your animation is actually approximately 2 nurses discussing some disease symptom, it must be okay. Nevertheless, in case you would like to show the pupils of yours what the symptoms are like and how the nurse actually treats them, then you will have to think about a costlier option. These custom details require the animators to spend a great deal of effort and time in research, illustration, and animation.

2d animation cost per minute

$150 animation from a little studio

Then in case, you would like to step up the game and create more authentic materials with no spending thousands of dollars for one minute of animation, you need to consider contacting small studios. Those studios would charge you from hundred dollars to $200 per one minute of animation, based on what kind of animation you’re searching for. You will find numerous factors impacting the general cost of an animation project, nonetheless, just keep in your mind that the more complicated a video clip is actually, the pricier it gets. For instance, hand-drawn animation or character animation could be a lot more expensive compared to simple whiteboard animation. Nevertheless, it’s still thirty times less expensive than reaching out to a professional studio. You will get what you pay, nonetheless, it does not mean that lower prices lead to worse quality.

What could you expect from a little studio?

Authentic artwork: There’s no cloud-based software, and that means you will have unique animations that follow the branding guideline closely. Everything from the color scheme to the character design is actually customized as the request of yours. If perhaps you’re a teacher who only wants to create fun animated teaching materials, then branding is not likely the concern of yours. Nevertheless, in case you’re working for a training company or perhaps educational institute, you will need something that not only engages the audience of yours but also represents well the company’s culture.

End-to-end service: The issue of hiring individual freelancers is actually they’re mostly specialized in one aspect of animation only. You will have to hire a scriptwriter, a storyboard artist, an illustrator, and an animator separately. Nevertheless, when you’re working with a studio, you simply have to communicate with one person. He/she is thought to be a producer which is in charge of the entire team. This will make the working process much smoother and saves you money and time.

To sum up, such studios could offer you high-quality animation the same as any other professional studios.

Nevertheless, why is there such a great difference in the cost?

They’re from countries with lower cost of living. The average income of a developing country is actually more likely to be a lot lower than a developed one. For instance, the average income of United State annually is $56,810, and that is approximately thirty times higher than that of India or Vietnam. That is exactly why studios in developing countries could offer animations with the same quality but more affordable price. In reality, lots of professional studios in US UK outsource the animation services in developing countries also. They will benefit by cutting operational costs and get the same work done with a lower value. On the other hand, the studios in the third world countries get more projects and more profits.

3,000 dollars animation from a big studio

$3,000 animation, this’s such a leap in price. Nevertheless, in case you’re considering working with an experienced studio, especially those based in AU or US-UK, keep in your mind that it should be the minimum value. A 60 second 2D animated video could cost from 1dolar1 3,000 to 1dolar1 50,000. 3d animation is much pricier, starting from 1dolar1 10,000 with basic models. Most studios do not only put up the price of theirs on the sites. Since everything is actually tailored, so is the price tag. You need to contact the studio, tell them the budget of yours, the ideas of yours, your style reference, then they will provide you much more exact a quote.

Professional studio – high-quality animation

There are no doubt professionals have expertise and experiences. You can get probably the best quality out of animation with fine details. The cheaper options are generally from the other side of the world as Vietnam or India. Should you decide to reduce cost by dealing with them instead, be prepared to deal with the time zone or perhaps geographical barriers. Then leaving the work to professionals near you is a lot less a stressful approach. Furthermore, the cost isn’t always sky high. One minute of a stand-alone video is a lot higher than one minute of a series. Because they do the asset and style frames already, the price can be lower a little bit.


You have to have understood the reasons behind the price gap in animation production now.

If branding and styling is not the concern of yours, I recommend you hire a trustworthy freelancer that could deliver the work quick and nicely. You can also do it yourself! You will find many tools to support you – the newcomer in animation industry!

Nevertheless, in case you would like to create animations on a small budget, consider contacting a little studio. They’re a great option for a long educational animated series. If you have a much larger budget, or perhaps you’ve very high – Cartoon Network standard of animation, you need to contact a bigger studio. Whatever your choice is actually, you need to begin by sending them a quick brief of your eLearning project. Then they will be in a position to consult you on the most effective types of animations for your course. Along with a proper pricing plan.

I hope, you got the answer to the question how much does a 2d animation cost per minute. If not, feel free to leave your questions in comments and I will get back to you.