How to Improve Customer Retention by Using CRM?

  • October 8, 2020
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In today’s hypercompetitive service landscape, consumer retention is important for your business’s development. Engaged and devoted clients are your brand name’s most ardent supporters.

They will examine your items, suggest them to peers, and refer brand-new clients to your business. Above all, they will return and spend more than new customers

Your consumer relationship management (CRM) system is at the heart of your consumer retention method. Let’s see how CRM software application can assist you develop significant relationships with clients and keep them.

Providing Personalized User Experiences 

While expert system tools can automate lots of recurring jobs and make your groups more nimble, they cannot change human beings and inadequate to enhance consumer retention.

Customers wish to speak with somebody compassionate who listens to them, comprehends their issues, and offers useful services. Studies discovered that 75% of customers believe that business have actually lost human touch in consumer experience. 

One of the most reliable methods to keep them is to customize user experiences. Research says that 84% of clients wish to be dealt with like an individual, not a number. That is where your CRM system and CRM tools can assist. 

Namely, your clients call you through a vast array of channels, including your e-mail, phone, live chat, and site. They likewise interact with various departments, such as consumer assistance, marketing, and sales. our CRM system catches each touchpoint with your brand name and keeps consumer information in a main area.

That method, it assists you produce in-depth profiles for each consumer and offer each department with access to the exact same consumer information. 

For your groups, that is a great deal of helpful info. Your sales and marketing groups can utilize this information to draw up consumer journeys. They can section audiences into narrower sections and offer extremely targeted marketing projects.

Unsurprisingly, individuals will be more thinking about marketing projects that are customized to their requirements. 

Strengthening Customer Support

Customer assistance is the foundation of your consumer retention method. Today’s clients are tech-savvy and extremely requiring. They anticipate your brand name to offer quick and pertinent customer support, how and when they need it. And, with the right CRM system, you can handle customer complaints more efficiently.

Namely, your CRM system unifies your customer support channels, such as your email, call center, live chat, and social networks. Instead of using multiple customer support channels simultaneously, you will centralize customer service tickets in a single location to improve customer retention.

Once a customer sends in a request, irrespective of the channel they use, you can assign their inquiry to the right customer support agent and handle it faster.

You can also start sending automated emails to inform a customer about the status of their service inquiry.

When a customer sends in a request, you can set up your system to automatically let them know that you have received their email. You can also link to other pertinent customer support channels, such as your business phone number or knowledge base articles.

Most importantly, your CRM software lets you personalize customer support. With its help, you can create detailed customer profiles and provide all members of your customer service team with access to the same customer data, such as their previous service inquiries, purchases, demographic data, preferences, etc. This will help you to improve customer retention.

Now, let’s take the example of your call center. Over the past few years, many companies decided to switch from analog phone systems to VoIP to power their customer support departments. Apart from the money-saving benefits of VoIP services, this type of telephony service also integrates with your CRM. 

That can benefit your customer service team in multiple ways. First, call recordings, transcriptions, and customer data are directly logged into your CRM system. Second, your customer support agents do not need to search through a lengthy customer base to find the information while talking to a customer.

A VoIP tool will pull the caller’s data from your CRM system and send it to your agent. That way, they can answer the phone call more confidently and provide each customer with highly personalized support.

Listening to Customers

To retain customers and transform them into your brand advocates, you first need to understand their needs, expectations, and preferences. That is why you need to communicate with your target audiences and seek feedback. You can get help from social media tools to collect feedback from social networks.

To listen to your customers, you need to start asking the right questions. Fortunately, modern customers are more talkative and collaborative. They are eager to share their data with you to get more personalized brand experiences. 

Many SaaS tools can help you by letting you create relevant surveys, polls, and quizzes. With the help of your CRM tool, you can take your customer satisfaction surveys to the next level.

For example, many CRM solutions let you narrow down your contacts into smaller segments, based on their demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data.

The HubSpot Active Lists tool automatically classifies leads based on the criteria you have previously set. That way, you can tailor survey questions to each customer group and learn more about their expectations, needs, and pain points.

Above all, all customer data you collect via customer feedback tools will be automatically sent to your CRM and stored there. 

Over to You

In today’s hyperconnected world, customers’ demands have changed. With the rise of cloud apps for instant messaging, social networks, and chat tools, they now expect a whole new level of customer service. 

Customers do not want to be treated like a number anymore. Instead, they want you to communicate with them regularly, listen to their needs, personalize their experiences across all digital marketing channels, and offer quick and relevant consumer service. 

Your CRM system will help you do all of this and even more. With it, you can finally centralize customer data in one location. Instead of using a plethora of tools, you can manage consumer interactions via a single channel.

Above all, your sales, marketing, and consumer service teams will have access to the same data. That will help them provide consistent and targeted consumer experiences. That way, you will build and nurture strong relationships with customers, enhance consumer retention and turn them into your brand name’s supporters.

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