How to Select the Best Digital Asset Management Software for Digital Agencies

  • June 17, 2021
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Are you familiar with just how much time your staff members lose attempting to find properties? It’s approximated that staff members can invest 20% of their workweek attempting to find internal details.

If you don’t have a central location for your digital properties, your staff members lose time and cash digging through old disk drives and servers.

Those properties need to be quickly searchable and available, and with the right digital asset management software, they can be. 

This article will discuss the best DAM (Digital Asset Management) software options for your business and delve into how it can help you and your business.

How to Choose the Best Digital Asset Management Software

Many different companies are offering digital asset management software. To determine the best for you and your business, you must first assess your needs. Do you need something affordable? AI-powered?

Where all of your assets are located? Are they siloed in different departments or across a million hard drives? DAM software will create a centralized digital asset library that is available, secure, and searchable.

Do you work with multiple file formats? With DAM software, you can upload pretty much any file type and track down old assets with ease. 

Once you determine your business’s unique needs and how a DAM can improve productivity, you can select the DAM software that’s ideal for you.

Digital Asset Management Software for Digital Agencies

As a digital agency, you have a ton of assets you need to manage and maintain. If clients are coming back for revision after revision, you need your team to know precisely which version they should be working on.

Losing important files and assets can also be detrimental to your business, costing time, money, and energy to recreate them. 

You also need your employees to find what they need quickly and share it between departments without fuss. DAM software can help you with this.

Each DAM software has its spin on the features available, but most cover these essential ones:

  • Uploading
  • Storage
  • Adding Metadata
  • Organization
  • Download
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Sharing Content
  • Security
  • Access Control
  • Version Control
  • Reports and Analytics

All of these features will make tracking down content easier, saving you and your employees precious time that could be used to make it instead. You’ll want to do a digital property management tools comparison to ensure you are picking the best option for your company.

Top 7 Digital Asset Management Tools

We have narrowed down the list of digital asset management tools with digital agencies in mind. 

If you are a small digital agency that wants to start banking assets or are a large company that hasn’t implemented any digital asset management system yet, there is something here for you


Pimcore is a free digital asset management software application that was developed by a digital agency back in 2013. 100,000+ businesses trust and use Pimcore for their digital asset management. 

You can consolidate and manage any type or amount of digital assets. Pimcore can improve your efficiency and automate workflows from beginning to end.

Pimcore is a great digital asset management software application for a small business but can also scale as you do.


MediaValet is one of the top DAM contenders. Their cloud-based digital asset management makes sharing between departments easy. You can also have unlimited users, so you don’t have to worry about needing someone to sign out so you can use the service.

It has a centralized interface and AI-powered tagging for easier searches. You can search for assets using text, audio, and color recognition. This allows you to find the assets you need faster. Large files that can be up to 5TBs are no problem. 

MediaValet can be pricier than other alternatives, but they can create a package that works for your company. 


Brandfolder is attractive for many businesses because it is straightforward to use. It has AI and machine learning to help you track content and how it’s being used.

Brandfolder also has specific DAM software on a case-by-case basis. They know how to service digital agencies and what their needs are.


Widen is excellent for businesses of all sizes. It has a fast search, with automated search functions to make finding what your team needs easy.

It also has assets rights management, making it easy to track when contracts need updating. Batch uploading ensures you won’t have to sit there watching all of your assets load one at a time.

Widen is more expensive than some of the other DAM software but has many features and integrations that could make it worth it for your organization.


With Bynder, you can configure your workspace to work for you. It supports all types of digital media, and you can download files in whatever format you need, saving time on file conversions.

Bynder also allows you to track usage rights and expirations, ensuring you never use an image or video with an expired contract again.

You can try a free trial to make sure it works and scales with your business as it grows. 

CoSchedule Asset Organizer

CoSchedule is great for digital marketing teams, and it comes with the whole marketing suite. You can share assets seamlessly internally and externally, and the calendar function can assist things stay organized.

Asset Bank

Asset bank has excellent support and makes switching over easy with their onboarding service. It is easy to use and organize with highly customizable options for your organization needs.

You can use a ton of third-party integrations to make sure everything you use, including CMS systems, can interface with it seamlessly.

Pick a Digital Asset Management Software That Works for Your Specific Needs

We hope this has helped clarify some of the digital property management software application options you can choose. Digital asset management is so crucial for small to large agencies. It saves you time and money in the long run.

If you are looking for additional tools to make your digital agency more streamlined, check out our search! It makes it easy to find the things you require to simplify workflow.

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