The five latest Google Ads features and how to make the most of them

  • March 17, 2021
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30-second summary:

  • Make no error, Google Shopping is still mainly a paid Pay Per Click channel, however you can likewise enjoy its totally free traffic
  • Video and show formats are not the kind of advertisement you think about when it concerns online acquisition
  • They are more popular for brand name awareness and impact targets
  • All conversions are not born equivalent, specifically, when it concerns acquisition channels – a purchase on your website from a brand-new client has more worth than one from a returning one
  • It’s simple to forget that the majority of business still takes place offline which Zoom calls and online shopping are not all there is to life
  • Yet offline conversion trackings are not constantly taken into consideration
  • With Gallery Ads, Google provides a brand-new advertisement format incorporated into the Search Network
  • As these advertisement formats are for mobile display screens just, their measurements allow marketers to make a more powerful effect than with a text advertisement

Google launched brand-new clever functions and methods to purchase advertisements on its various channels. They permit online marketers to increase their reach and to attempt brand-new methods. As constantly with the novelty, there will be a knowing curve.

At SEISO, the referral Pay Per Click insight platform, we evaluated the effect of these updates on more than 13,000 accounts. Here is how you can make them work for you.

Content developed in collaboration with SEISO.

1. Get noted free of charge on Google Shopping

Make no error, Google Shopping is still mainly a paid Pay Per Click channel, however you can likewise enjoy its totally free traffic. Why exists a complimentary alternative? After the intro of the shopping channel, Google ousted the majority of the other rate contrast sites from its SERP (, Shopzilla, BizRate, and others). The relocation was so aggressive that in 2017, the European Commission fined Google €2.42 billion (~$3 billion) for breaching EU antitrust guidelines by “providing a prohibited benefit to another Google item, its window shopping service.” Although it is still going through appeal, Google has actually made modifications to make sure other choices exist on its services and SERP than its own. As for natural search optimization, you require to guarantee your items appear in the very first positions.

How to make it work for you

First, you require to begin by enhancing your Shopping Ads and comprehend what items click and transform one of the most. For example, you can utilize SEISO Google Shopping Analyzer (Free to attempt) to get shopping reports. From there you can adjust your item feed and item pages to guarantee you concentrate on items that are margin favorable.  

SEISO Google Shopping Analyzer - Report

Source: SEISO Report for non-performing items in your shopping feed

Once you have actually cut the feed and pages, you can go to your Google Merchant Center account in the Growth Menu. There you will discover a channel called “Surfaces throughout Google”. You wish to set it to “ACTIVE”. This function was at first readily available just in the U.S.A. and India however is being presented worldwide. 

Using Google Ads new features - Polish your Google Shopping Ads

2. Get impressions on display screen and YouTube advertisements however only spend for sales

Video and show formats are not the kind of advertisement you think about when it concerns online acquisition. They are more popular for brand name awareness and impact targets. 

But now Google wishes to persuade you otherwise. Why? Google has a lot information on users’ profiles and their intents that they can anticipate what they will purchase. Facebook has actually constructed its platform on what they learn about the users from their surfing and sharing. Google understands the users effectively: from the search inquiries, from the media they take in on its surface areas (videos and AMP pages), and its previous purchases thanks to invoices gotten in Gmail. 

Thanks to this bonanza of information points, the algorithm recognizes which brand-new computer game console the user desires. And it just reveals him the pertinent advertisements when he is all set to purchase. The ad will be more likely to convert and Google will get a higher revenue per page by just showing converting ads to users: win/win. 

Now you can run performance-based targeting for YouTube Ads and on the Display network. It usually means a lower reach than a CPM or a Trueview campaign but you will get incremental conversions while controlling your budget. 

Google Ads

But remember, this is a black box. The algorithm will decide to display your ad or not based on how much money it will generate for Google. If your products find an audience this is a virtuous cycle and you will get a lot of volume. If not, your campaign might not pick up at all. 

How to make it work for you

  • Use Smart Display with a tCPA or tROAS bidding strategy. This allows you to retain the benefits of the Smart Display framework without losing control.
  • Based on 13,000+ Google Ads accounts audited by SEISO, the best targeting are: “Similar converters” & “Custom Intent on your competitors”

You can use the audience analysis section of SEISO to identify which audience is the most pertinent for you. And you can try it for free.

3. Customer acquisition is good but NEW customer acquisition is better

All conversions are not born equal. When it comes to acquisition channels, a purchase on your site from a new customer has more value than one from a returning one. Of course, loyalty is key and you need to take care of existing customers. But Search engine marketing is neither the main nor the most money-efficient channel to do so. CRM, whether through email marketing or earned social media are more efficient to re-engage your customers. The symbiosis between acquisition and loyalty is the best way to maximize your customer lifetime value.

Once you know how much money you can expect from a user in the long term, you are able to adapt the amount you are willing to pay for a new customer vs. an old one.

In Google Shopping, you can now take the lifetime value into account. Go in the conversion goals by clicking “Settings” in the left navigation of your Smart Shopping campaign. Use the “New Customer Acquisition” option. There, indicate the incremental price you are willing to pay per conversion for this type of customer versus a returning one. For example, if your CPA for a conversion is $42 and you set the new customer value to $38. It will let the campaign pay up to $80 for new customers and $42 for existing ones.

Google Ads

How to make it work for you

Make sure you are tracking your new customers, there are two ways to do so and you should use both:

  • Make sure your Google Ads account and your Google Analytics account are connected. This way, the algorithm is aware of all sales made on your website even if they came from another channel.
  • Set differentiated tags for new and old customers and let your ecommerce platform or your tag manager. You need to show one or the other tag depending on the status of the customer.

As a rule of thumb, you should align this with your promotion strategy. Focus on your product selection to boost your best-recruiting products. The ones that usually trigger the first sale on your website for new customers. 

4. Get offline! How to keep tracks on offline conversions

In these days and times, it is easy to forget that most of the business still happens offline and that zoom calls and online shopping are not all there is to life. Yet offline conversions tracking are not always taken into account. According to Google, 30 percent of mobile queries are local searches and it is the fastest-growing segment. And 75 percent of users making a local search will go to a store within 24 hours. This is a lot of conversions lost to online tracking.

Google Ads

The new version of the Google Ads’ local campaigns is here just for that. Local campaigns use GPS and Wifi to identify the location of the user. Google will display advertisements related to business advertising presence around the user’s current location. 

How to make it work for you

To succeed, you will need to set up an omnichannel tracking that integrates offline elements. From there you will be able to measure different types of conversion. You should create a set of conversion actions for each campaign:

  • In-store visits: Google automatically tracks walk-in traffic from user’s location captured from their Apps and OS). You will need to register all your points of sales addresses or GPS coordinates. 
  • Offline purchase thanks to offline the Conversions API or bulk sheets upload.
  • Online purchase through your regular tracking pixel.

Once your conversions start to show in the interface you will be able to optimize against each of these goals. Moving further you will be able to optimize the new full potential of each campaign against each target! To do so you try the SEISO campaign optimization tool for free. 

Source: SEISO PPC Campaign Optimisation Tool

5. Be creative! Push gallery ads over all networks

Gallery Ads and Showcase Shopping Ads on Search are good to be tested! 85 percent of respondents put more importance on visual information than text information. Visual information is preferred over text by at least 50% of respondents in all categories except for electronics, household goods, and wine and spirits (Intent Lab research, Feb 2019).

With Gallery Ads Google offers a new advertisement format integrated into the Search Network. As these ad formats are for mobile displays just, their dimensions enable advertisers to make a stronger impact than with a text ad. Google will continue to serve the same user with your creatives on new placements such as: 

  • YouTube: On the “Home” screens where more than 90% of users say they discover new brands & new products.
  • Discovery: Google Discovery App while scrolling the news feed and searching by interest.
  • Gmail: Through discovery, even though Gmail Ads are being rolled out, Discovery advertisements allow you to expand your reach from Gmail to other Google-owned surfaces. 

And of course, they are shown in the main result pages as Showcase Shopping Ads.

Google Ads

Google is always bringing in new features to test, The key to having a State of the Art Google Ads account is to test early. Once the features reach mass adoption you are already fully optimized and have secured the very best positions.

There is much more to find in the SEISO analysis report, including expert tips and best practices, account activity analysis, and more than 75 criteria sifted.

Are your Google Ads Campaigns enhanced? Try SEISO for free TODAY, click this link:


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